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Mar. 28th, 2013 @ 10:44 pm The New Story I was Just Raving About. Hittin' It To Ya'
Originally posted by genimsaj at The New Story I was Just Raving About. Hittin' It To Ya'

Okay. So remember in my post Grueling Satisfaction where I was droning on and on of how I wrote a story and posted it on Wattpad and I was all into it and i was excited about life?

Yea...cut that crap out.

Every frackin' bit of it.

Cause 'Unique Happenings' (the story I posted on Wattpad) were not happening so uniquely (hehe see what I did there?)
Looking back at What I've been writing THEN vs. What I've been writing NOW? says to me that Unique Happenings was A LOT tougher to write.

And I didn't really like what I was writing.

That's probably why.... it was tougher.

Yeah sure, t was an off-post of my actual life, but it was boring to write...
And I even said I hoped it had enough enthusiasm...but It didn't.

I guess cause that period of my life wasn't even close to enthusiastic...like at all...

But this new one I've been writing for the past week. Sure fire, has a lot of potential

The story just flows.

It's like a T.V. show you just keep coming back to.
Whether its the train wreck writing like Jersey Shore or Secret Life.. Or the non-stop propelling questions, thrillers and surprises like Pretty Little Liars. I myself am amused. I even want to know more.

Hell, and I'm the writer.
Do you know what this MEANS????????

This means that I've broken through with this start and fail of story-block.

It's soo good...(to me, I mean I don't care if you don't like it)
It's like it's not even real.

Like, I was expecting this breakthrough to be a lightbulb or a switch but

It's not.

It's nowhere close some great holy revelation, where the skies open and I'm blinded by heaven's lights and God himself, while he tells me he's gonna change me into one of the greatest 'writing' apostles of all time.

Psssh...like I expected that to happen....wh-what? (kinda)

It's like a natural groove. I write a little more each time.

Atleast a thousand words a day.

(That junk is awesome)

Like guys....I know what the ending is and it doesn't sicken me.

(Do you know that feels????)

I just feel beautiful right now.
And the best part is.

The gut-wrenching feeling that it's gonna go away.......


Holy. Moly.

Get that into your head. Cause that's 'rizzy-real'.

(Get on ma level)

It sucks cause I entered into a unpublished writers award contest and I can't post it anywhere until I figure out the winners.....so all this gloating and no cake.

Sorry guys...you'll read it one day.

Maybe when it's even....dare I say it?


Until next time

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